Ways to Know Your Office is a Toxic Work Environment

Do you know if you’re working in a toxic work environment?

Americans spend roughly 1700 hours a year in the workplace. That’s a lot of time to be spending in a place that could be emotionally and physically damaging.

Here are some ways you can tell if you’re in a toxic work environment:

-There’s a cloud of gas in or around the building.

-You suffer from constant hallucinations.

-You work for an evil organization, or an organization that stops evil organizations. (Evil organizations often store toxic gas and have apathetic employees. Let’s be honest, evil organizations don’t employ the best and brightest, so toxic gas accidents are fairly frequent. If you work for an organization that stops evil organizations, you are most likely constantly attacked by toxic gas.)

-You’re encouraged to wear a hazmat suit.

-There’s a guy named Nuclear Dave who gives a daily speech, referring to you as his “toxic warriors” and how you will “topple the world powers.”

-You’ve grown extra appendages since working there.

-There’s a company funeral every other day.

-Your boss is a dick.

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