6 Celebrities You Never Thought Could Pull Off A Beard Using Their Bare Hands.

This was another parody I did to a bunch of articles I’ve seen titled “X celebrities you never knew could pull of a beard.”

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To beard, or not to beard. That is the question.

Some guys look like they were born to pull of a beard, others, not so much. Then there’s those that surprise us! Either way, pulling off a beard is an amazing feat.

These are some of the hottest celeb guys who can surprisingly remove another man’s beard, often violently, using only their bare hands.

Jay Z


You don’t build an empire without ripping off a few beards. It’s been reported that Hova has taken over 17 men’s beards.

Bruno Mars


At 5’5″ he may not be too tall, but it must help him when it comes to pulling off beards. Sources say he uses a tactic of reaching up for the beard then planting his feet on their chest, using his legs to help uproot the beard.

Daryl Palumbo


Frontman of the bands Glassjaw, Head Automatica and Color Film, Daryl Palumbo might not be a household name, but he does have a collection of over 400 beards.

Mark Consuelos

Russell Young's CELEBRITY PORTRAITURE gallery opening at Milk Studios

Hubby to Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos may be easy on the eyes, but he never goes easy on a beard.

Tim Allen

tim allen

I can just imagine the sound of Tim Allen’s iconic grunts as he rips away at a beard (That’s if it’s audible over the screaming). Seriously! Tim Allen has a wicked reputation as a beard yanker. Look out boys, it’s groom time.

Frank Beard


With the last name Beard, ironically he’s the only member of ZZ Top that doesn’t sport the band’s iconic beard, unironically he does seek out beards to steal from other men.

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