Ch. 11 “Worm” | Techno-Virus (PATRON POST)


A new chapter of my superhero, zombie-noir novella is up on Patreon! This one is a patron-only post, however, you can read the first 10 chapter for free right HERE.

What is Techno-Virus?

In a world of super-powered men and women known as Ultra Cops, a disgraced former cop forms an unlikely team with a ten-year-old girl to prevent a deadly virus attack on Los Angeles.

Ch. 11 – “Worms”


Maris speeds away from the mall like she’s playing an arcade racing game with plenty of quarters to spare. Not that a speedy getaway is necessary thanks to Tetsuo’s posthumous program. The moment his neck snapped, the dying electrical charge of his brain sent a signal to his retinue of techno-zombies, bringing them to life. It must have been one hell of a sniper to pull off that shot all while his friends were getting rushed by a pack of demons.

Maris has the sense to drive a couple miles from the mall before stopping below an underpass to peel Hero off the roof of the car. She can’t wait to see him. Can’t wait for the praise. She pulled it off. Somehow. She saved him.

She pops the door open and leaps out, bouncing on the balls of her feet to peer up at him.

MARIS: Get up. We gotta get you home.

The metal whines as he pries his body from its grasp and falls on his hands and knees, blood flecking the ground around him.

HERO: Can’t… go… home.

He wheezes, his chest rattling like an empty paint can. Congealed masses of blood and puss slip off of his wounds and slap on the concrete like after birth as his enhanced immune-response works overtime. Maris’ hands go numb at the sight. She’s seen him bad. Flat on his ass drunk. Even shot up before. But that night at Gashapon’s gave her the false sense that Hero could survive anything. The sagging mass in front of her proves otherwise.

Continued on Patreon

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