5 Things More Likely to Kill You Than a Terrorist Attack or my Drunk Driving Accident

Here’s a parody article I wrote to the type of article “Things more likely to kill you than a terrorist attack.” I didn’t actually get in a drunk driving accident, although I keep trying really hard. When will there be another attack? How many will lives will be taken this year? Who is this facelessContinue reading “5 Things More Likely to Kill You Than a Terrorist Attack or my Drunk Driving Accident”

The Last Dragons [An Slightly Erotic, Bizarre Fiction about Dragons]

  Prior to this, I’ve posted this on my official site, JoeCabello.com, and quickly realized (through the power of analytics) that many people were finding it by googling “dragon sex stories” or “dragons having sex with humans stories.” That’s, unfortunately, not what this story is about, though it does have some erotic elements for theContinue reading “The Last Dragons [An Slightly Erotic, Bizarre Fiction about Dragons]”

A Poorly Worded Proposal from a Student Photographer to his Highschool

I wrote this a few weeks ago but hesitated posting until now since people can’t seem to get their shit together and not shoot up a movie theater or a school every week. Despite these atrocities, hopefully we can still find the humor in this.   A letter from a student in response to theContinue reading “A Poorly Worded Proposal from a Student Photographer to his Highschool”

Chapter 9 is here! And it’s funny?! You decide!

My last post got some good love, so as promised, here’s Chapter 9. If you haven’t read the introduction yet, read it here. Lessons In Debauchery: The Topher Weyland Story is an adventure comedy novel about an aspiring TV personality who gets recruited by the CIA to be a distraction, but things quickly get out ofContinue reading “Chapter 9 is here! And it’s funny?! You decide!”

Chapter 9 of my book? Who’s interested?

Hello! I recently released the introduction chapter of my book, Lessons in Debauchery: The Topher Weyland Story. Read it here. Let me know what you think in the comments, please, but I bet it doesn’t give you much sense of the story and how it plays out, does it? Well, I have a solution for that!Continue reading “Chapter 9 of my book? Who’s interested?”

Ways to Know Your Office is a Toxic Work Environment

Do you know if you’re working in a toxic work environment? Americans spend roughly 1700 hours a year in the workplace. That’s a lot of time to be spending in a place that could be emotionally and physically damaging. Here are some ways you can tell if you’re in a toxic work environment: -There’s a cloudContinue reading “Ways to Know Your Office is a Toxic Work Environment”

About the Clown I Hired for John’s Birthday

I’ve been busy doing nothing ever since recovering from my surgery, but I do have some exciting things developing, including a book announcement very soon. I appreciate any encouragement, and please subscribe to get more info on the book as it comes out. Enjoy.   First I want to address that, no, the clown IContinue reading “About the Clown I Hired for John’s Birthday”

Concerns Over Your Music Player’s New User Agreement

Dear Alpha Computers support, I’ve been using MusicSource to play and buy music for years, and I really love it. I especially appreciate the regular updates and new features, like your recent June 2nd release. For some reason, before I downloaded the new version, I decided to glance over the new user agreement, something IContinue reading “Concerns Over Your Music Player’s New User Agreement”

Superheroes & Safe words – Other Articles This Week

Here are some articles I wrote on other sites this week! Let me know what you think! Opinion How to Make a Great Superhero Movie Humor I Think Our Safe Word is Too Long Twitter @joecabell0 facebook.com/joecabellowriter  

My Sling

About two weeks ago I got into an ATV accident and broke my shoulder (An ATV is a four wheeled, small vehicle people ride to guarantee hurting themselves). I’ve since had to wear a sling and it’s changed my life for the better. Suddenly I’m very popular. Like how people who had Segways when theyContinue reading “My Sling”