I’m on the Fish Out Of Water Podcast to talk about Writing!

This week has been a little bit busy, so I don’t know if I’m going to get a new chapter of Riz Raru in… The Case of the Sticky Fingers, but I have something almost as good… me on a podcast!

Jeremiah and Ryan talk to me about how I go about getting writing jobs, how I come up with ideas, and then I give them notes on one of their pieces of writing. It’s inciteful!

Check it out here: http://boardwalkaudio.com/fishoutofwater/14-joe-cabello/

(also available on iTunes)

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Fish Out of Water is a comedy writing podcast hosted by Jeremiah Burton and Ryan Tweedy. Each week they have a new guest join them and talk about various types of comedy writing from television to the internet to live theater. It’s a podcast where comedians get to nerd out about writing comedy and talk about what makes them laugh.