AXL Trailer Compared to Monster Trucks

First off, let me tell you that I love these kinds of movies. They remind me of moiveds from my childhood like ‘Star Kid.’

That being said, they are usually horrible, paint-by-numbers films. That’s why when I saw the trailer for ‘AXL’ it immediately reminded me of the movie ‘Monster Trucks.’

That made me want to edit the two side by side to see just how similar they are. There are some eerie similarities, even if the comparison doesn’t necessarily work scene by scene. In fact, I showed this video to my girlfriend without telling her what it was, and she thought I was showing her two different trailers for the same movie.

There’s something about the two movies playing together that works. You can freely look up or down while they play and it always makes sense. Or maybe I’m just crazy. You tell me.