TMNT: Out of the Shadows – Why It Sucked.

Some of these thoughts also apply to the 2014 TMNT. Also, spoilers ahead. I didn’t have high hopes for the 2014 TMNT, yet was still disgusted by it once I saw it. I had higher hopes for Out of the Shadows (OOTS) because it had Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady, and the Tartaruga Brothers truck. I…

Everything Wrong with Captain America: Civil War

Spoilers ahead. In the writer’s room: Writer 1: Let’s have a big moment. How about War Machine dies during the fight between the heroes? Writer 2: Great. That’ll be a huge moment. Let’s have him break his back instead. Writer 1: Definitely! Then we’ll immediately give him robot legs and fix him. Writer 2: Perfect….

Superheroes & Safe words – Other Articles This Week

Here are some articles I wrote on other sites this week! Let me know what you think! Opinion How to Make a Great Superhero Movie Humor I Think Our Safe Word is Too Long Twitter @joecabell0