Want a free book?

I’m a comedy writer in Los Angeles who sometimes performs, and sometimes teaches karate to children. You may know my work from an unproduced half-hour series for a major airline, or my book The Farts Awakens. If you don’t know my work from that, you should probably buy it, then you will know it AND I’ll get money (actually, don’t buy it yet, I am going to give it to you for free!)

I’ve started a Patreon Page that desperately needs donations so I can create and release videos, finish my book, and continue living in expensive LA.

I write constantly, but I rarely produce anything that I write because it’s really hard… plus it takes money. Then I realized I can just use YOUR sweet, sweet money to make things! I have rewards set -up so that you can get all my books for free just by being a donor. And it’s relaly fun!

These are some things I’ve written or made in the past:
Say Anything Parody
Gun Down, an action film
The Adventures of Young Time Traveling Thomas Jefferson

If you liked those, you’ll have no regrets giving me your money. Your sweet, sweet money. If you didn’t like those then I can promise I’ll only get better.

The more money I can get, the more ambitious projects I can do. I want to do podcasts, radio plays, comics, and short films. By subscribing you’ll be kept up to date on the creative process.

Some future projects your funding helps:
Lightrail: The Separation – an all green screen sci-fi series
Space Heroes – an absurd, Airplane style sci-fi series
Finish my book, Lessons in Debauchery, and release it.
and many more!

Funny Or Die http://www.funnyordie.com/joecabello
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfNBhJ5Lw5ySNhz_I…


Thank you for your consideration!