What’s Coming to Streaming in February – The Golden Stream

Fred Le and myself bring you what’s coming up on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon streaming, as well as what’s leaving… with jokes!

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Scientist Separates Man from his Fragile Male Ego

Check out my new video where a scientist separates man from his fragile male ego. Vote funny and show your friends if you’re into that sort of things.

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Embed isn’t working properly so follow this link: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/ed45f5b6c0/scientist-separates-man-from-his-fragile-male-ego


The Adventures of Young, Time Traveling Thomas Jefferson

Shot this sketch a month or so ago, and it was recently described as “A time traveling Thomas Jefferson has a debate about slavery with his black roommate,” which really makes it sound like more of a drama, but it’s totally not.


Something In Your Teeth – Has this ever happened to you?

This is a short sketch I wrote and shot last Friday. It’s short and sweet and I made sure to only put ONE joke in it so that people didn’t watch and think “that’s too many jokes…”


30 Sketches, 30 Days

So, I’ve been really busy writing for the 2016 CBS Diversity Showcase, so I haven’t been writing anything other than sketches. I’d still like people to enjoy something that I wrote since I’m a millennial and I want all the attention, so I decided to post up my National Sketch Writing Month page.

National Sketch Writing Month is a month long event (obviously) where writers write 30 sketches in 30 days, despite whatever else they have going on in their lives (job, kids, weed to smoke).  All of my sketches are available to download on the following link. Honestly, some of them are pretty gnarly and unedited, but let me know what you think. They’re all short and sweet! (My favorite is The Perfect Killer)

Check out my 30 sketches

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