My girlfriend, Andi, and I love playing games together, but I play them a lot more than her so I usually cream here. That’s why we got together with a team of over 16 scientists from 5 different countries and developed Andicap gaming (get it? It took 4 of the scientists to come up with that).

She picks the game, then I pick a random handicap. It’s so simple, it’s almost as if we didn’t need to pay all those smart people.

Here’s Round 1 with the game Shaq Fu.



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Ghosbusters (NES) Playthrough+Drinking Game

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This week I hung out with Julian Vargas and played Ghostbuster’s for the NES. Listen up as we discuss Ghostbusters, random topics, and a heated debate on the topic of Biker Boyz vs Torque.


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